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NOTICE: Mazeltops is OPEN. Our factory is OPEN. Only our LA office is closed for all phone calls from Tuesday June 20 - July 12. We will be answering e mails daily, except for Shabbos and again, our factory is open, just our office phones only will not be taking calls. Please e-mail any questions you have and we will either e-mail you back or call you. Send all e-mails to mazeltopsmama@aol.com



On a budget but still want a top quality kippah? This light weight felt kippah is unlined and very light but made from top quality felt. Kids love it because it is light and sits on the head nice and flat. Parents love it because it is inexpensive, yet from the outside, looks amazing. Even though they are unlined, they can be printed on the inside.

Felt are unlined. This shows the inside of the felt kippah:



A one color silk screen on felt  $2.75 each + 65.00 for a plate. Minimum 100 pieces


Inside imprint in a felt kippah.

Children's Kippot 4 Art Projects!
Assorted felt by the dozen:
1 dozen or less $3.75 each
13-35 pieces $2.75 each
36 + $1.75 each
You can choose your colors in any amounts you want.....BUT this deal must be made by E MAIL ONLY. Email your order to MAZELTOPSMAMA@AOL.COM



 This customer went with felt with an original order of 100 pieces. He liked them so much he ordered another 100. The imprint is on the outside and did not require any custom plate.